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From Lawrence Mandel <>
Subject Agenda of the Woden Status Telecon, 2007-09-18
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2007 19:58:46 GMT
*Note: This call will start 30 minutes later than usual.

See [1] for call and IRC information. 



1. Open Action Items - Lawrence Mandel

2007-05-22 - John will follow up with Jeremy about the copyright question 
in the status file.
John: Jeremy was following up to ensure the paperwork for our WSDL4J 
contribution was done. It's with IBM legal now. I'll follow up next week.
John: I spoke to Jeremy last Tuesday. He's going to confirm that the 
paperwork from IBM's perspective are complete.
John: I spoke with Jeremy today. He couldn't get a hold of the legal 
counsel yet. I'll hopefully have an answer for next week.
John: Jeremy still hasn't got a response.
Lawrence: I spoke with the Apache secretary through e-mail. If we haven't 
copied any WSDL4J code we may not need an agreement.
John: I think we copied some of the common utility code so we should get 
this agreement in place.
John: I spoke to Jeremy last week. He still doesn't have an answer yet.
John: Jeremy has made some progress and hopes to have this completed 
John: No update.
John: Still no update.

2007-07-10 - John will look at CodeHaus to try and find the license for 
the Woodstox jar.
John: The problem is with the API jar not the wstx jar. I reported this 
problem on the latest WS board report.
Lawrence: There are a couple options. We can follow up with Axiom to see 
if they've done the due diligence for this library. Two, we can try to 
move to the Geronimo StAX API but in this case we'll need to ensure Axiom 
plays well with the Geronimo API.
John: No progress yet. I'm going to follow up with the Woodstox and Axiom 
projects to see what they've done to reconcile the license.
John: I'm about to post to the Apache WS list and will cross post a couple
other relevant lists to try and solicit more information. Someone should 
know how Axis2 redistributes this jar.
Lawrence: It was suggested that we use the Geronimo StAX API but I don't 
think this is an option as Axis2 and Axiom use the StAX API and we don't 
know what kind of problems this will create.
John: I sent an e-mail to axis and commons-dev lists today about this.
John: I didn't get a response from the Axiom developers. I asked whether 
Axiom would work with the Geronimo API. I'm going to test Woden with the 
Geronimo jar and if that works I'll suggest to Axiom that they change and 
see what they think.
[action] John will test Woden with the Geronimo API jar.

2007-05-22 - John will document the Woden decision making and development 
processes on the Woden site.
John: No progress.
John: I'll revisit this in another week after I'm made some further 
progress on the Woden extensions.
John: No progress.
John: No progress. I don't think I'll have a chance to take care of this 
action this week.
John: No progress. I think what's needed here is what a new developer 
would need to get involved. Using Jira and the mailing list. Using the W3C
test suite. Open development. Milestones. I haven't had a chance to look 
at the Apache documentation to see what exactly is required.
Lawrence: I'll look at the requirements and put up a skeleton document 
that we can all work to fill in.
Lawrence: I posted the skeleton doc last night.
Dan: I've started some documentation that I can contribute to this page.
John: I haven't committed Dan's documentation for build and test yet. I'll
probably apply it this week.
Lawrence: I filled in most of this document. John said he can handle the 
source code conventions.
John: Yes. Tomorrow I'm going to apply Dan's patches including his 
Lawrence: Great. Please read through the doc and make any changes you 
think necessary and this action should be complete.

2007-08-28 - John will test Woden with the Geronimo API jar.

2. Milestone 8 (M8) Status - John Kaputin

3. Graduation from Incubation - Lawrence Mandel

4. Development Discussion - All

5. Other Business - All


Lawrence Mandel

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