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From Lawrence Mandel <>
Subject Re: Update on Woden Incubation Status
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2007 17:31:49 GMT
To follow up,

1. I performed a search with the US trademark office and performed a 
Google search for Woden. There were no real problem results. I've 
summarized my findings in the Woden status file [1].

2. I sent an e-mail to the secretary and am awaiting a response. 

5. I've been through the Woden code and dependencies. The code is licensed 
under Apache V2.0 or W3C. I've listed the binary library licenses in the 
Woden status file [1]. There is one outstanding library, StAX, for which I 
need to confirm that the license is Apache V2.0.



"Davanum Srinivas" <> 
05/30/2007 10:35 AM
Please respond to


Re: Update on Woden Incubation Status


Please send an email to secretary AT regarding #2.
Regarding 5, Please review

- External jars depdendencies, make sure NOTICE and LICENSE files are
up-to-date. and all the licenses are compatible
- I don't think WSDL4J is trademarked and probably not relevent since
we are changing not going to use that name here.
- Please go thru the code and see if there are any headers with
copyright notices etc other than Apache's.

that's it. (i think :)

-- dims

On 5/30/07, Lawrence Mandel <> wrote:
> A quick update on my action item to update the Woden status page [1]. 
> updated the news, project info (commit list, wiki, committers), status
> reports, and several of the incubation work items. The remaining work
> items that are not currently marked as complete are as follows:
> 1. Make sure that the requested project name does not already exist and
> check to be sure that the name is not already
> trademarked for an existing software product.
> Has anyone performed this check? is a paid service. Is
> there a free alternative? (Can we simply use Google?)
> 2. Check and make sure that the papers that transfer rights to the ASF
> been received. It is only necessary to transfer rights for the package,
> the core code, and any new code produced by the project.
> Dims - Can you check this or point me to a resource where I can check 
> myself? All committers and contributors have signed ICLAs and I all the
> paperwork should be in place for the transfer of WSDL4J from IBM.
> 3. Check and make sure that for all code included with the distribution
> that is not under the Apache license, we have the right to combine with
> Apache-licensed code and redistribute.
> I think we're OK here (only the W3C license and possibly CPL) but I'll
> compile a list of the non-Apache licensed code and artifacts Woden
> redistributes.
> 4. Are the decision-making guidelines published and agreed to by all of
> the committers?
> TBD - John is working on a document to formalize the Woden process.
> 5. Are all licensing, trademark, credit issues being taken care of and
> acknowledged by all committers?
> Dims - I'm not sure what exactly needs to be done to answer yes to this
> question. Is there a list?
> [1]
> Thanks,
> Lawrence
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