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From John Kaputin <>
Subject Woden M8 plan, around July 20th
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2007 15:00:08 GMT
Following discussions on the weekly Woden calls, I have been looking at a 
possible release date for Woden M8. The M8 release will complete Woden's 
WSDL2 spec compliance (assertions and validation). The WSDL2 spec is in 
PR, Recommendation expected very soon.

Based on current resource availability I think I'll be providing most of 
the M8 development effort, hopefully with Graham Turrell doing the 
resolver JIRAs.  We have a summer IT student starting at IBM next week to 
help on Apache Woden, so if he's up to speed quickly he may be able to 
contribute to Woden M8 too.

The target date I am thinking of for M8 is around July 20th. I don't know 
if I can complete the release mgt by then, but I hope at least to complete 
most of the M8 development. I am out the last week of July, so the release 
might be postponed until 1st week August. The planned content for M8 is 
captured in Woden JIRAs flagged for M8.  I've estimated around 25 days 
effort for the JIRAs assigned to me and I can probably do 80% of that by 
July 20th.

Lawrence and I are also working on the last few action items in 
preparation for seeking to exit incubation. If this happens before the M8 
release, that should shorten the M8 release management cycle.

Please post comments, if any. Meantime I'll update the milestone plan on 
the Woden web site.

John Kaputin

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