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From Lawrence Mandel <>
Subject Minutes of the Woden Status Telecon, 2007-06-26
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2007 16:14:54 GMT
Attendees: Lawrence Mandel, John Kaputin
Regrets: Arthur Ryman


1. Open Action Items - Lawrence Mandel

2007-03-20 - All Woden committers should try to get tied in to the Apache 
of Trust.
Lawrence: Neil Graham will sign my key. Graham and I cross signed.
Graham: I spoke to Tim Ellison who said he can sign my key.
Lawrence: Neil Graham signed my key. I need to update the keys file.
Arthur: I haven't created a key yet. I'll look up the note on the dev list
to find out how to do this.
Graham: Lawrence, now that Neil has signed your key am I tied in?
Lawrence: Yes. However, the more signatures we have the better for tying 
in to the Web of Trust. The further you are away in the chain linking you 
to someone else the less they can trust you.
John: I'm working with Graham to learn how to sign public keys.
Lawrence: You can get your key signed in parallel by several people. The 
signatures will be merged by gpg.
John: Graham, you're using a GUI.
Graham: Yes. If I can find the link I'll send it to the list.
Lawrence: John and I are in the process of cross signing each other's 
John: I've figured out how to import a key. Lawrence and I will cross sign
Lawrence: John and Graham need to cross sign. I will close this action 
after that's complete.
Lawrence: John needs to sign my key and Graham and John need to cross sign 

for this action to be completed.
John: No progress.
Lawrence: No progress this week.
Lawrence: John and I swapped keys.
John: I sent Graham a signed version of his key. When he's back we'll 
complete the transaction.
John: Graham's out until next week. We'll complete this next week.

2007-04-17 - John and Graham will create a proposed date for M8.
John: We didn't have a chance to discuss this yet.
John: Graham and I were both unavailable to discuss this issue this last 
week. We'll try to get this done on Thursday of this week.
Graham: We've been unable to meet the last couple weeks.
John: We'll take care of a date this week.
John: We haven't had a chance to come up with a date. I think at the 
earliest it will be at the end of June or early July.
John: We'll try to get to it this week.
John: I'm in the process of doing this. I'm making my way through the Jira 

list. Right now I'm looking at July 20. I'll post to the list this week.
John: I've sent a note to the dev list proposing July 20. I think most of 
the work can be completed by that date. The release can be handled just 
after that date.

2007-04-17 - John will post to the Woden dev list about removing the SAX 
John: I want to take a look through the source before posting this. 
John: No progress yet.
Arthur: We may need the attribution just because we bundle Xerces.
John: I need to look in Xerces license to see if they include this 
license. I haven't had a chance to look into this. The real question is do 

we need the SAX attribution if we only have a binary dependency on SAX.
John: No progress.
John: No progress.
John: I've removed the SAX attribution. We don't need the attribution 
because we're not including and SAX source code. We have the required 
license file in place. I need to mark the Jira resolved.

2007-05-22 - John will follow up with Jeremy about the copyright question 
in the status file.
John: Jeremy was following up to ensure the paperwork for our WSDL4J 
contribution was done. It's with IBM legal now. I'll follow up next week.
John: I spoke to Jeremy last Tuesday. He's going to confirm that the 
paperwork from IBM's perspective are complete.

2007-05-22 - Lawrence will update the news and other general items.
Lawrence: I've completed most of the items. There are 4 outstanding items 
in the status file. 2 for John and 2 for me to complete.
John: For 1 see above about copyright. For 2 I will try to write-up the 
docs in the next couple weeks.
Lawrence: For 1, patent and trademark, there were no results. I searched 
Google and found no real conflicts. For 2, I listed all of the binary 
dependencies. The only code licenses are ASL v2.0 and W3C. We need to find 
the license for StAX.
John: I think we should post to Apache WS general or WS common-dev to find 
out more. Axiom ships the StAX jar.
Lawrence: I'll follow up with a post to one of the lists.

2007-05-22 - John will document the Woden decision making and development 
processes on the Woden site.
John: No progress.
John: I'll revisit this in another week after I'm made some further 
progress on the Woden extensions.

2. Milestone 8 (M8) Status - John Kaputin

John: I followed up with Jeff McAffer about using the Eclipse extension 
registry and he directed me to the Equinox dev list. I'll follow up there.

3. Graduation from Incubation - Lawrence Mandel

Lawrence: We're in good shape. There are only a couple outstanding items 
left as we discussed wrt the open action items.

Lawrence: I added a project adoption section and included Axis2 and 
John: There is also a project called SAWSDL4Woden [1].
[action] Lawrence will add a link to SAWSDL4Woden to the Woden status 


4. Development Discussion - All

No other development discussion.

5. Other Business - All

John: The WSDL 2.0 spec should be in recommendation status tomorrow.
[action] John will post to the WSDL mailing list asking about what will 
happen to the dashboard and test suite after the spec goes into rec.

*Note: Next week's status call is cancelled.


Lawrence Mandel

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