Woden devs and WSPMC,
Please vote (or re-vote) to approve the release of Woden Milestone 7a (M7a) as an  interim release to support the upcoming Axis2 1.2 release.

The Woden M7a release files are at:

M7a is an incremental release of Woden M7 containing 2 changes:
* WODEN-153 Use new WSDL 2.0 namespaces.
* WODEN-154 A fix to the URI Resolver.

I have re-rolled the release dealing with specific issues raised against Woden M7a RC1:

1) The redundant Axiom and XmlSchema jar files have been removed from the /lib directory of the Woden jar file.

2) The LICENSE file has been appended with with license information for any external code included with Woden (specifically, the text of the W3C license has been appended to the LICENSE file and the separate W3C license file has been removed). The license files for the dependent binary jar files distributed with Woden are now packaged with those jar files in the /lib directory, based on the approach used by Axis2.

3) Woden M7a uses the XmlSchema 1.3.1 release (instead of the XmlSchema 1.3 RC3 jar as used with M7a RC1).

There were four +1 votes for M7a RC1, but as this release has been rebuilt I'd like to request those votes to be recast. We need three binding +1 votes from WSPMC members before asking the Incubator PMC to approve the release.

A suggestion was raised during the last vote about seeking Woden's exit from the Incubator. We have been discussing this on the woden-dev list and weekly calls and are currently completing the necessary steps towards exiting incubation.

John Kaputin.