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From Lawrence Mandel <>
Subject Minutes of the Woden Status Telecon, 2007-04-17
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 15:45:27 GMT
Attendees: Lawrence Mandel, John Kaputin, Graham Turrell


1. Open Action Items - Lawrence Mandel

2007-03-20 - All Woden committers should try to get tied in to the Apache 
of Trust.
Lawrence: Neil Graham will sign my key. Graham and I cross signed.
Graham: I spoke to Tim Ellison who said he can sign my key.
Lawrence: Neil Graham signed my key. I need to update the keys file.
Arthur: I haven't created a key yet. I'll look up the note on the dev list 

to find out how to do this.
Graham: Lawrence, now that Neil has signed your key am I tied in?
Lawrence: Yes. However, the more signatures we have the better for tying 
in to the Web of Trust. The further you are away in the chain linking you 
to someone else the less they can trust you.
John: I'm working with Graham to learn how to sign public keys.
Lawrence: You can get your key signed in parallel by several people. The 
signatures will be merged by gpg.
John: Graham, you're using a GUI.
Graham: Yes. If I can find the link I'll send it to the list.
Lawrence: John and I are in the process of cross signing each other's 

2007-03-20 - John will add Jiras to the M8 plan.
John: I've gone through the Jira list and marked those that I think should 

be in M8. Within that M8 list I marked Jiras as high and low priority. I 
haven't put the Jiras on the milestone Web page.
John: Done.

2007-04-12 - John will look on the process page to determine whether 
Woden's license information should be in a single file.
John: The answer isn't clear cut. The information indicated that the 
licenses for other code should be appended to the license file. However 
the example was for source code. I looked at a few projects. Tuscany 
includes the license text in the notice file. Axis2 has license files in 
the /lib dir along with the jars. I've followed the Axis2 example and 
appended the W3C license in the Woden license file. This strategy will 
allow us to split up the build for DOM and Axiom.

2. Milestone 7a Status - John Kaputin

Lawrence: Seems like we have enough votes.
John: There are 5. I'll post to the incubator PMC later today and release 
by Friday.

3. Milestone 8 (M8) Status - John Kaputin

John: No progress. I should have a chance to continue on M8 this week.

[action] John and Graham will create a proposed date for M8.

4. Development Discussion - All

John: I noticed we have an attribution for SAX. I don't think we use SAX 
anywhere. I'll post to the list and ask whether anyone knows of a reason 
to keep this attributing in place.
[action] John will post to the Woden dev list about removing the SAX 

John: I was contacted by a developer in Detroit who'd like to contribute 
to Woden. I think Woden-149 - update assertion numbers - will be a good 
place for him to start. Woden-122, HttpLocation, may also be a good place 
to start.

John: I'll start next on Woden-162, making a flexible way to specify 

5. Other Business - All


Lawrence Mandel

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