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From "Jeremy Hughes" <>
Subject Re: source and line number info in stack traces
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2007 17:40:23 GMT
Hi Arthur,

On 08/01/07, Arthur Ryman <> wrote:
> Jeremy,
> Yes, Eclipse does. Also, maybe Apache projects have binary and source distributions.
Personally, I think the debug info is a minor contribution to the size, and it useful at runtime
too since it helps in diagnosing problems. The source is a bigger contribution and is not
needed at runtime.

Woden already has a source distribution as well as the binary
distribution. What I meant was do projects really have two binary
distributions - one compiled using -g:none and one compiled with
-g:source,lines (and maybe vars too). I haven't seen any. I can't find
much about any performance impact this would cause. Just compiling our
QName class:

-g:none -> 2275 bytes
-g:source -> 2309 bytes
-g:lines -> 2573 bytes Actually I'm not sure that -g:lines (without
source) is any use
-g:source,lines -> 2607 bytes
-g:vars -> 2737 bytes
-g:source,vars,lines -> 3069 bytes

Note: of course none of these includes the actual source code in the
.class files.

Looking at the woden-1.0-incubating-M6.jar as a whole is:
-g:none 241320
-g:lines,source 269285
-g:lines,source,vars 301800

Given this, I still vote for the last option (and if pushed just
lines,source) as I have used binary distros before and attached the
source and then found I couldn't see inside the variables (got
annoyed), and ended up having the extract the source for the project.


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