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From John Kaputin <>
Subject Re: Minutes of the Woden Status Telecon, 2006-10-31
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 12:28:26 GMT
we decided on the call that each TaskList issue should be captured as a
JIRA and not duplicated on the wiki TaskList, but that the TaskList might
still be useful for highlighting to newcomers (or reminding ourselves) the
more urgent or useful outstanding issues that need to be resolved, as a
guide to which JIRA's they might want to contribute to.  We could also use
it for general comments that might span individual JIRAs. I have an action
item to go through the Wiki page and clean it up (i.e. remove duplicate
info and make sure all TaskList issues are capture by a JIRA).

John Kaputin

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On 10/31/06, Lawrence Mandel <> wrote:
>  4. Other Business - All
>  Question posted to the newsgroup by Chinthaka:
>  Maintaining a TODO list in a wiki so that new comers can pick up
>  tasks from them.
> John: This already exists although it isn't up to date. See
> [action] Lawrence will post a useful link on the website for the task
>  Arthur: There should be a Jira for each item on the task list.

I wasn't on the call so this may have been mentioned. I'd like to go
one further than what Arthur suggests - lets have each task in JIRA
and remove the task list from the wiki. Then there's only one place we
need to check. This is perhaps why the task list on the wiki is out of

Here's my +1


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