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From Lawrence Mandel <>
Subject Agenda of the Woden Status Telecon, 2006-09-26
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2006 18:21:34 GMT
See [1] for call and IRC information. 



1. Open Action Items - Lawrence Mandel 

2006-09-12 - John to liaise with Chinthaka on when these will be 
available, how soon afterwards Woden M6 can be available and confirm that 
Axis2 will actually pick up this M6 release of Woden.

2006-09-12 - Arthur to check on W3C WSDL2 WG time frame for PR phase and 
next interop event and feedback to Woden community.

2006-09-12 - John to revise an M7 plan (based on original M6 plan), 
distribute, then try to finalize at next week's telecon.

2006-09-12 - John to complete review of Oshani's code in WODEN-44

2006-09-12 - ALL - review Jeremy's WODEN-40 branch.

2006-09-12 - John, or others, review Graham's WODEN-14 patch

2006-09-12 - John circulate his Telecon number for next weeks call.

Deferred, pending other actions:

2006-09-12 - John will update the M7 plan on the website once finalized.

2006-09-12 - John will add Oshani to the website's committers list when 
updating the M7 plan.

2. Milestone (M6/M7) Status - John Kaputin

3.Development Discussion - All

4. Other Business - Open 


Lawrence Mandel 
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