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From Lawrence Mandel <>
Subject Minutes of the Woden Status Telecon, 2006-07-18
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 15:49:30 GMT
Attendees: Lawrence Mandel, John Kaputin


1. Open Action Items - Lawrence Mandel 

There are no current open action items. 

2. Interop Event Recap - John Kaputin

John: Arthur posted to the dev list with a summary [1] of the event. I'm 
going to follow Arthur's post with some Woden specifics.


3. M6 Status - John Kaputin 

M6 is currently scheduled for July 29. 

John: I don't think there will be enough new function in July to warrant a 
release. I think we should move the date to the end of Aug.
Lawrence: I agree.
[action] John will post to the dev list to solicit feedback from the Woden 
team about the M6 date.

John: We also discussed creating a 0.9 release before the next interop 
event, tentatively scheduled for the end of Sept.
Lawrence: I think a 0.9 release makes sense. This release can be used for 
API review.

4.Development Discussion - All

John: I met with Craig Salter and Valentin Baciu of Eclipse WTP at the 
interop event. They expressed concern about the component model and 
element model - there was confusion about the benefit of the models. They 
said the element model API is too close to DOM. They'd like to see it 
closer to the semantic model JWSDL offers. The element model is for those 
creating WSDL 2.0 authoring tools, which Eclipse WTP is. I'm going to 
think about this a little more as if the element model isn't useful for 
them it should likely be changed.

5. Other Business - Open 

Congratulations to Oshani Seneviratne on being elected as a committer. 
Oshani received 9 +1 votes.


Lawrence Mandel 
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