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From "Chathura Herath" <>
Subject Re: Woden Feature support
Date Wed, 24 May 2006 04:27:51 GMT

> Is there a reason the component model isn't sufficient? A part of what
> the component model is trying to achieve is to flatten the imports
> into one Description. Could you describe your usecase in a bit more
> detail as it sounds like you would like to use the Element model in a
> way we hadn't expected and that the Component model isn't good enough
> for you.

Actually i am looking into prospecs of moving to Component model right
now. Reason i started with element model was i needed to do policy
attachment parsing. Think i could get around it with using the tips
posted by John.

> Hey it's nice to have a woden-user style post to the dev list - I
> think this might be the first :-) I think we should start a woden-user
> when either there are so many user posts that we find it difficult to
> find the dev posts or so many dev posts that users complain they can't
> find the user posts.

Sure its a community decession

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