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From John Kaputin <>
Subject Declaring and exporting constants in Woden
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 10:10:29 GMT
In Woden we currently use different conventions for declaring configuration
constants for WSDLFactory and WSDLReader features and properties, as well
as for WSDL-related constants.

The WSDL-related constants are used in the implementation and are defined
in org.apache.woden.internal.wsdl20.Contants. This is probably OK for now.
We may need consider refactoring the 'wdl20' bit later, when adding support
for wsdl 1.1.

I think we need a common convention for how we declare constant values.  I
think we should also export the Factory and Reader configuration constants
in the API and should have a common convention for doing this too.   Please
vote if you have a preference. My vote is +1 for both options 1) below.

Possible conventions to declare constants are:

   (based on the actual Woden URL after incubation)

   (based on an abbreviated Woden URL)

3) org.apache.woden.<featureOrPropertyName>
   (based on Woden package name)

Assuming we export configuration constants in the API, possible conventions

1) create public static final fields directly in the
org.apache.woden.WSDLFactory and WSDLReader interfaces for the relevant

2) create a new public class (e.g. org.apache.woden.WSDLConstants or
WodenConstants), containing just public static final fields.

======= Current examples of constants declared in Woden =======


  private static final String PROPERTY_NAME =
  private static final String PROPERTY_FILE_NAME =
  private static final String DEFAULT_FACTORY_IMPL_NAME =


  public static String VALIDATION_FEATURE_ID =


  //Type systems and content model APIs
  public static final String TYPE_XSD_2001 =
  public static final String API_W3C_DOM =
  public static final String API_W3C_XS =
  public static final String API_APACHE_WS_XS =

  public static final String FEATURE_VERBOSE =
  public static final String FEATURE_IMPORT_DOCUMENTS =

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Web Services Development
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IBM UK Ltd, MP211, Hursley Park, Winchester, SO21 2JN, UK.
Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1962 817363  (internal 7-247363)

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