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From John Kaputin <>
Subject Defining constants on the API vs. feature/property-specific methods
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 19:08:41 GMT
As per the recent discussion thread, I have added some constants to the
WSDLReader interface representing identifiers for reader configuration
features (verbose tracing, validation, continue-parsing-on-error) and
properties (xml parser api, type system api).  Generic set/getFeature and
set/getProperty methods exist on WSDLReader for making use of these.

Another approach to consider is having feature or property-specific methods
for the small set of Woden-defined features and properties and of course,
keeping the generic methods for user-defined features and properties.

So on WSDLReader we'd create methods something like:

boolean isVerboseFeatureOn()
setVerboseFeatureOn() & setVerboseFeatureOff()
or just

We do this already for some potential config properties with
set/getErrorHandler(), set/getLocale() and set/getFactoryImplName() defined
on the WSDLReader interface. Again, whichever approach we take, we should
be consistent. Just a thought for now - can decide later, when we have a
better idea exactly what the Woden-defined features and properties will be.

John Kaputin

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