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From stephane parenton <>
Subject Re: how one would do to....
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 13:49:40 GMT
Chris Jackson a écrit:

>If you talking about upgrading you client application or classes in your
>client application, you may be better off looking at java webstart. We
>use xmlrpc for invoking methods on our server, but use webstart to keep
>the clients up-to-date (if you want to send code to the server, I miss
>understood and you should just ignore this email all together ;-)
well, webstart would be nice actually, but as it is a university's 
student work, we must keep up with what our teachers want us to do... 
and this is why we can't use any external tools... We could have done 
this with a quick and dirty batch over ssh, or even tried to see the 
webstart side, but we have chosen a technology and we must stick to 
it.... XML-RPC is great to launch remote tasks, and with the answer of 
 john, i guess i can go my way to make it work.... i've found ways to 
turn a binary file into bytes, ways to turn the bytes into a binary file 
again, i guess i can put this into a procedure parameter (at least i'll 
try it)... I have to work on the way to handle the byte list for it to 
be accepted by the binary-writing procedure.... hope i'm on a good way 
;-) (if not, you'll hear from me soon :-) )
you did not misunderstood... it's just that i have rules to respect ...


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