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From "Santosh Dawara" <>
Subject CR+LF inside strings
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2005 20:33:38 GMT
To, Wouter Cloetens <>, 
    David Wall <>,
    everyone else on the soap-user list

RE: CR+LF inside strings

Hi, Original thread reproduced here for your convenience:

Using 2.1, I have a String that contains embedded CR+LF.  It's the data
accepted directly from a web form's textarea when the user hits the enter

When I return that String to my Apache SOAP client, it seems like the CR is
removed.  My string's length is always shorter by the number of pairs.  Is
there something that can prevent that from happening?

Yozons Inc.

Was this issue ever resolved? Are there any possible work-arounds? I could try manually escape
and unescape (on the server-side) the carriage return character, but I wonder if there is
a more complete solution I could implement.

Thank you for your attention.

Santosh Dawara
Research In Motion Limited

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