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From Jaroslav Šrýtr <>
Subject How destroy java application using SOAP and Tomcat
Date Sat, 23 Oct 2004 19:52:34 GMT
I use Apache SOAP with Tomcat (5.0.25) and have this trouble with SOAP. I
deployed java application. Application works right, but when is SOAP
reloaded from Tomcat Manager, is created new instance of class (is called
constructor), but old isn't free from a memory. It isn't call method
finalize(). I need perform any action, when is application shutdown. It's
possible? How are remove applications from a memory, when is SOAP reload or



Very simple source code, which I use for testing:
(client send SOAP request and this class (method hello) return a response)

public class test
public test()
{ System.out.println("---------- Constructor ----------"); }

public String hello(String aName)
 { return "Hello, " + aName; }

public void finalize()
 { System.out.println("---------- Finalize method ----------"); }

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