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From Felipe Palma Dias <>
Subject Custom provider is not call
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2004 23:40:46 GMT
I create a custom provider that inherit the class
org.apache.soap.providers.MsgJavaProvider, but when I
call my Web services my provider is not called. 

In the Deploy Service Information I have:

ID = InboxService
Scope = Request
User-Defined Provider Type =
Provider Class =
Use Static Class = false
Methods = add

The custom provider class is:

public class InboxProvider 
    extends MsgJavaProvider
    public void locate( DeploymentDescriptor dd,
                        Envelope env,
                        Call call,
                        String methodName,
                        String targetObjectURI,
                        SOAPContext reqContext)
        throws SOAPException
        System.out.println("call custom provider:
        // do somethig...
        System.out.println("call custom provider:


Felipe F. Palma Dias

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