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From "Daniel Herbison" <>
Subject SOAP and HTTPS
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 22:54:36 GMT
I'm trying to access a soap service, Java running under Tomcat, using
Soap::Lite.  Here is the code:


use SOAP::Lite;


push @x,"userid=".$ARGV[0];

push @x,"password=".$ARGV[1];

push @x,"sip=".$ARGV[2];

push @x,"date=".$ARGV[3];

push @x,"xmlIndent=true";



print 'htmlParams' ,$x[0],$x[1],$x[2],$x[3];

print SOAP::Lite

        -> service('http://service...?wsdl')

        -> getIPConversations(SOAP::Data->name('htmlParams' => \@x ))


It works great with http and I'm now trying to get it to authenticate using
https and a client credential file generated with the java tool keytool.

OpenSSL and Crypt-SSLeay are installed. 


Does anyone know how to do this?  


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