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From bill-s...@carpenter.ORG (WJCarpenter)
Subject RE: HTTP 1.1 Persistent Connection
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 21:07:27 GMT
bk> I knew that Apache SOAP only support HTTP 1.0 and I've searched
bk> through the archive of this mailing list and don't see anyone
bk> doing HTTP 1.1. Is it very diffcult to do? We are not HTTP expert
bk> but we do want to know if it is possible to do it.

I don't know about the server side, but here is info on how to get
this going for Apache SOAP client:

Here's some discussion of performance stuff:

In addition, the TcpNoDelay factor (that Scott mentions in another
email in this thread) is worth looking into.  It affects latency per
connnection but doesn't affect overall throughput (it's pure
I/O-blocked delay).  You will know it underlies your problem if you
are seeing R/T times that are remarkably and consistently like 200ms.
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