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From "Scott Nichol" <>
Subject Re: using too much soap?
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2004 02:25:10 GMT
Do you have a stack trace for the "Exception from service object: null"?  Needless to say,
that would be a big help.

My next question would be, might you be running out of some resource on Tomcat?  For example,
have you configured a small number of sessions?  Are you re-using SOAPHTTPConnection instances
on the client?  Those are what maintain session information.  If your client is ignoring the
session cookie it gets, your server is creating a session for each invocation (unless you
are using a nightly build and have set the option in your deployment descriptor to not create
a session for a request).

I am sure there are other possibilities, but sessions are what leaps to mind.

Scott Nichol

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From: "Cyrus Adkisson" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2004 8:33 PM
Subject: using too much soap?

> I'm running a loop on acomputer that repeatedly calls a Client program
> which, in turn, accesses a remote service over and over again. And it
> works fine for about the first 10-20 iterations. Then I get "Exception
> from service object: null" over and over. If I restart the remote soap
> service, it starts to work for a while before crapping out again. 
> Even weirder is that after it starts crapping out (regardless of
> restart), every 50 or so times, it'll work properly, then go right back
> to sucking. 
> I think I'm either overloading Tomcat (5.0.12), SOAP, or mysql. Can
> someone guide me to which one it probably is?
> Cyrus

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