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From Werner J├Ârling <>
Subject General Question RPC vs. Messaging
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2003 10:35:53 GMT
(Sorry, first posted as a reply)


studying the SOAP-Messaging samples from the  the book 'Java and SOAP' (Robert 
Englander, O'Reilly) and from apache-soap I'm confused about the difference 
between SOAP-RPC and SOAP-Messaging.

There are SOAP-Messaging samples, where services are implemented with the 

public void serviceMethod(
        Envelope env, 
        SOAPContext reqCtx, 
        SOAPContext resCtx

Services of this kind are usually sent to client messages containing Envlopes 
to an URL like http//host:pppp/soap/servlet/messagerouter.

On the other side there are SOAP-Messaging-service samples not distinguishable 
from SOAP-RPC-style services . Only the service-tag in the 
deployment-descriptor contains the type="message"-attribute.

Moreover this services are invoked by a Call in a SOAP-RPC like manner, with a 
URL like http://host:pppp/soap/servlet/rpcrouter.

Consequently I do not really understand the difference between SOAP-RPC and 



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