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From "Wilkins, Craig" <>
Subject RE: Sending and XML document
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2001 14:42:16 GMT
If you use apache soap on the client side you can use XML Literal Encoding
to send XML Elements.  I would think that you can send the document, but all
documents have a root element and that is what we send.  From the root
Element, you can always get the doc at the server, so that should solve that
problem.  There is or will be support for attachments in SOAP and you could
also look at SOAP messaging over SMTP.

There is SOAP RPC and SOAP Messaging.  I believe that (in theory) messaging
is what you want, but I find that you can do close to the same thing using
RPC.  I feel that RPC is much easier.  Your SOAP client just needs to wait
for the SOAP RPC response before it can continue processing.  There may be
ways around this though.  

A possible solution to your problem is to have an RPC SOAP service that
takes in an XML Element/Document and returns a what every you want, like an
"I got it" status.

I hope this was helpful,

Note - We have been sucessfull getting MS SOAP to encode XML Literal, but no
luck with Perl SOAP::Lite.

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From: Ashutosh Shrivastava []
Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2001 8:43 AM
To: SOAP users
Subject: Sending and XML document

Hi all,

I am a novice in the fields of SOAP as well as in this newsgroup. So
sorry for cluttering your mailbox with this simple query.

My requirement is to send up an xml document(complete doc) to some other
server where it will be left as it is.not to be called.The only faint
idea i have got is that as an object it can be embedded with httpRequest
along with SOAP envelop and will be sent across, but still i can't think
of way:-
i) how can then i put that document object in SOAP envelop.
ii)How will that be embedded with http parameters to be sent (i am not
sure whether RPC helps here).
iii)On the server side, i have to take the document back again.

Thanks and Regds,
Ashutosh Shrivastava
Ext 2640

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