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From "Dan Cornell" <>
Subject RE: tomcat problem
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2001 16:59:25 GMT
I fought with this all weekend.  In then end, I installed Sun's JDK 1.3.0_03
for Linux (from the RPM install) and that seems to work.  I tried 1.3.0 and
1.3.1, and had problems with both of those.  1.3.0 would crash with the
message below, and 1.3.1 would crash with a terse "Segmentation Fault"

There are a couple of bugs in Sun's database relating to this problem.
Check out:

I traced through the code to see what the problem was, and all it looked
like were a bunch of constructors and setting things to null - no strange
file IO or networking or things that you would expect to cause a VM crash.


  JDK 1.3.0 does not work well with RH7.0.
  Try to install jdk1.3.1 (Sun's) or roll back to 1.2.2 ( Which is probably
a bad idea ).
  "Se-yong, Um" wrote:

    I let you know my environment. tomcat 3.2.2soap 2.2java 2 sdk, se 1.3.0
for linux(by sun)redhat 7.0  When I request jsp page related soap-2.2
(http://IP:PORT/soap/servlet/rpcrouter  etc..), tomcat crash!! tomcat says
below: #
    # HotSpot Virtual Machine Error, Unexpected Signal 11
    # Please report this error at
    # Error ID: 4F533F4C494E55580E43505005BC
    # Problematic Thread: prio=1 tid=0x48b3d048 nid=0xcab runnable
    #  What is problem? Does anyone know how to solve this one? -- Se-yong,
UmRepublic of Korea.

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