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From Pablo <>
Subject Soap benchmarking
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2001 09:04:57 GMT
Hi everybody,

going on with my work on Soap I'm trying to do some benchmarking to see
how soap clients and servers behave under high load.

I've found many dificulties, mainly because soap clients (maybe due to
java) are very slow, so it is impossible for me to test real high load
server processes. And if the tests are done unsing SSL the problem gets
much worse. Some partial results are as follow.

Running clients from 7 computers at the same time against one server,
the server was able to serve 190 cleartext requests in one second (that
is 3.17 req/s) but I'm sure the server can handle many more (Orion
server). I could not run this test against Tomcat because I don't know
how to set up log for every request served, I would appreciate any help
about this, I only get logs of servlets and listeners starting.

I will give you some numbers so that you get an idea of what I'm talking
about and you can tell me if those times are also common for you. I
suppose they are not the firsts requests, as these usually take a bit

For Tomcat on a 100Mbit LAN,
Single request, cleartext: 2.27 sec
Single request, ssl without authentication: 14.71 sec
Single request, ssl with authentication: 16.47 sec

Oops, the request made is the one in my examples, SendPabloObject, that
sends a java object and gets it back with a few changes. This shouldn't
take long time in server to be processed.

I've been using Apache Soap 2.1, Xerces 1.3.0, and Orion and Tomcat
servers under Linux.

Any feedback, your own results or other ideas to try would be welcome,


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