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From Colin Saxton <>
Subject RE: Advantage of SOAP against RMI ???
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2001 14:32:55 GMT
I think that the problem lies deeply in the way that developers, in general,
program for distributed computing...We should not rely on the top down
command running after command approach. We should program using an event
model...what I would like to see is applications that fire off a request and
then wait for the response/responses which are sent back through another
protocol...say for instance SMTP...the responses can then be collated and
passed to the client as an event...this event would then signal that the
program can continue...

I think that the Java Spaces technology is on the brink of a revolution here
since it could easily extend the Space interface to include spaces that
handled soap would

1. Place your requests in the space...

2. You would have a soap service that would sit on the space waiting for
soap tasks...these would be taken from the space and distributed to a server

3. The soap service would then look at the space once more waiting for tasks
that needed to be processed...

4. Meanwhile...SOAP tasks would be processed and then posted back to the
soap service which is monitoring the space...all finished tasks would then
be placed back in the space when they are received in the finished queue, so
to speak...

5. While all this is happening the client can be waiting for the finished
tasks to be placed back in the queue...where they would be extracted and
processed...the whole process then starts again...

The is a better way of handling distributed computing...The technologies
that are available for java now could implement this solution with minimal

I can not understand why sun haven't already released a toolkit that sits
round this implementation??...(if they have then ignore me!)

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From: Peter Govind []
Sent: 05 June 2001 14:35
Subject: RE: Advantage of SOAP against RMI ???


If you look at the web services articles around at the mo' they seem to 
paint a picture whereby a client app can access a multitude of web services.

Sure that's nice. Then again, in reality the call/invocation is a bit on the

expensive side (ie take time) - even on one web service only. Things will 
definitely get worse once a particular client's 'request' (I use the term 
loosely here) requires invocation of methods from several different web 
services spread throughout the inter/intranet. Imagine the time the user has

to wait before getting a response!

Let's not forget that XML processing does require some CPU cycle (ie waiting

time) - this couple with Java (after 6 years and with availability of higher

CPU power, still a bit on the slow side) does put a hefty baggage on the 
concept of one client using several web services.

Don't get me wrong, I think SOAP is a great idea. Just make sure you get as 
many stuff done for one single invocation .... and have a very patient 
target audience.

>From: Colin Saxton <>
>To: "''" <>
>Subject: RE: Advantage of SOAP against RMI ???
>Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 11:56:16 +0100
>One disadvantage that I have found with SOAP depends on the time taken to
>execute the SOAP envelope on the server!!
>You could have a call that could take some time and client will more than
>likely timeout!
>Keep in mind when performing tasks that could take over a minute to do them
>as part of a queuing algorithm. The server can then notify the client using
>a different protocol to HTTP...
>To summarise...SOAP over HTTP does not work well when time taken to execute
>the server process is lengthy...You can extend the client timeout but that
>in itself can lead to problems...
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>From: Ralf Bierig []
>Sent: 05 June 2001 10:57
>Subject: Advantage of SOAP against RMI ???
>Which advantages does SOAP provide compared with RMI?
>Whats with SOAP <-> CORBA ??
>Whats are the advantages of SOAP against RMI and whats
>are the disadvantages?
>Thanks, in advance!
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