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From Chuyu Xiong <>
Subject Re: RMI versus SOAP
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 19:35:22 GMT
I think your arguments miss the major point of SOAP.
If what you want is "just" language independecy, then
CORBA will serve better than SOAP since it is faster
and has much more service than SOAP (for example,

I think the most important part of SOAP is that it is
on HTTP and it is ASCII based. These give it 
advantages/disadvantages. The major one is: SOAP
should be no much trouble with firewall, while
CORBA hardly can survive on true Internet environment.

--- "David C. Hicks" <> wrote:
> In my own mind, the primary reason for choosing SOAP
> over RMI is that
> SOAP is a language independent protocol.  With RMI,
> you have to assume
> that you have Java on both sides.  With SOAP, I can
> have a Java-based
> client talking to a C++ server...or basically any
> combination of
> languages that I choose.  Remember that SOAP is
> really just a
> specification for how data is passed between client
> and server...not a
> set of libraries or classes for a specific language.
>  It specifies how
> data is marshalled and unmarshalled and the form of
> the XML envenlope
> that contains the data.
> You would probably find that RMI, in general, is
> faster than SOAP, but
> you should weigh into your equation whether the
> language independence is
> important to you or not.  If you create a service
> that you are making
> available to the public at large, then you must
> decide whether you're
> going to *force* them to use your Java classes so
> that RMI will work for
> you, or will you *allow* them to choose the language
> they prefer and
> communicate with you via SOAP.  In the business
> world, as long as
> performance is good enough, the language
> independence will almost always
> win that battle.
> Tung Mansfield wrote:
> > 
> > What are the pros and cons of RMI versus SOAP? I
> am particularly interested
> > in the performance difference between the two. I
> am assuming the
> > communication is between two systems from two
> different companies where the
> > communication will most likely be through HTTP. Is
> RMI over HTTP still
> > faster than SOAP?
> -- 
> David C. Hicks
> Mach Turtle Technologies,  Inc. (
> 770-753-8810

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