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From Jason Boehle <>
Subject other server
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2000 16:14:58 GMT
It seems that something that may be needed is a simple, embeddable tcp
server to listen for SOAP requests and respond to them.  Not everyone
needs/wants an HTTP server in their application, but may want to use SOAP.
Has anyone already done this?  I am new to the mailing lists, so if someone
has already addressed this, please point me the archives.  I have developed
a VERY rudimentary server that does this, but I currently don't send any
SOAP headers across (SOAP headers are sent as HTTP headers, not included in
the envelope, right?), just the envelope.  Incorporating something like this
in the Apache SOAP distribution would require several changes, including a
new ServiceManagerStandAloneClient (since one won't be using HTTP, can't use
the Admin UI or the provided client that uses SOAP for admin).  Just
wondering what other's thoughts on this are...

Jason Boehle

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