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Subject RE: Unable to set 'myVector' property: argument type mismatch.
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2000 18:18:30 GMT

What's wrong with using the existing SOAP types for arrays?  Isn't this just a
weakness in the Apache server implementation that it doesn't know its supposed
to be a Vector?  For that matter, couldn't the server implementation introspect
the class that's representing the input to see if it expects a Vector or an
Object[] and pass it in accordingly?  That would seem to be the Correct way to
do it.  Introducing new SOAP types that duplicate existing functionality is
probably wrong.


Glen Daniels <> on 09/07/2000 12:34:22 PM

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To:   "''" <>

Subject:  RE: Unable to set 'myVector' property: argument type mismatch.

That's exactly right, Telmo.  We need schema-based representations of common
data types, and then agreement on as many sides as possible to use those

We are implicitly putting forth the xmlsoap:Vector and xmlsoap:Map
serializations as potential de-facto standards for representing Vectors and
Maps.  I'd like to see a C++ mapping of these types to STL vector<>s and
map<>s, for instance, which will arrive once we get our C++ stuff working.

I should push on this a bit more, and also see if I can get Keith Brown to
put these mappings into his Perl code.


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