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From Octav Chipara <>
Subject RE: Defining a SOAP Application Schema
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 14:11:28 GMT

> Subject: RE: Defining a SOAP Application Schema
> Todd,
> There are currently four separate proposals for "SOAP Interface description"
> grammars that use XML Schema to describe the base XML architecture as well
> as additional grammar to describe interface and entrypoint semantics.  There
> is some progress being made to merge these into one, possibly two, different
> proposals.  In the meantime, the two primary choices (currently available in
> production environment) are Microsoft's SDL (supported only by the SOAP
> Toolkit) and IBM's NASSL (supported only by IBM's NASSL Toolkit for the
> SOAP4J Codebase).  In short: there aren't any really STANDARDS for how to
> descibe SOAP interfaces via XML-Schema.  The options you can pick from are:
>   1. IBM NASSL
>   2. MS SDL
>   3. MS SCL (SDL's successor that is still being defined)
>   4. SIDL (
>   5. Raw XML-Schemas
> - James

Hi James,

I totally agree with what you are saying at this point. However, I believe
that if we were to use Raw XML Schemas this should a simple choice.
Theoretically, the parsers available should know namespaces/schemas. If that
is true there should be no problem in sending a messages such as the

<m:getRecipe xmlns:m=""

What I want to point out is that first of all a SOAP message should be a
valid XML document, in other words, in this example the tag getRecipe
should be checked against the schema that I have defined, and I should not
do anything about it. Furthermore, I do not see why I should define a data
type for <Recipe> as the current implementation oblige me to. It should
simply grab the data types from my schema and analyze it. Am I right in my

- Octav

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