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From "Steven McDowall" <>
Subject RE: Method Namespace
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2000 16:39:51 GMT

I am not sure how to change the generated namespace names ..

However, the actual NAME of the namespace should not matter in the least as
long as a valid  <name:METHOD xmlns:name="SOMETHING">  is found in the
for the method..

If microsoft REALLY expects the namespace "name" to be only "m", it is
horribly broken..

ALthough I am not sure HOW or where you need to hack the code to do what you
want, I believe
that if you add the following at the appropriate place
	nsStack.addNSDeclaration("m", yourURIString) ...

the rest of the marshalling code will take care of it..

But really, the microsoft code should really not depend on the actually NAME
of the
namespace at all and needs to be fixed..


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From: Keith Thomas []
Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2000 11:06 AM
To: ''
Subject: Method Namespace


I am trying to interact, as a client, with a Microsoft based SOAP server.
Apparently the Microsoft docs specify that the method namespace alias should
always be an "m". The default generated by xml-soap is "ns1" :-

     Microsoft Server expects :-

     xml-soap client generates :-

This creates two questions for me,
1) How can I change the namespace alias generated by my client from "ns1" to
"m" ? (I've tried playing with the class NSStack, without any success yet)
2) If the Microsoft server is using a regular parser should it matter what
the alias is ? (From my tests, I think the answer to this one is "no")

Keith Thomas
Denver, CO, USA

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