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From "Kochheiser, Todd W - TOS" <>
Subject Defining a SOAP Application Schema
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2000 23:28:17 GMT

I've read more about SOAP than I probably should have and I have yet to find
a good example/standard for how to describe, via XML-Schema, a large set of
methods, their parameters, and return types.  While there are LOTS of
examples of SOAP instances that show a request/reply, finding a good Schema
documenting a "real" application seems to be a bit more of a challenge.

First, before I too ahead of myself, I'm new to this list and will probably
show my ignorance rather quickly.  What I'm trying to do is convert an
existing inter-company (b-to-b if you will) application that uses a
proprietary CSV format sent via an HTTP POST.  In the current application we
define "templates" and their request/reply CSV formats (column headers and
such).  SOAP looks IDEAL to finally replace this nightmare and I can
visualize very clearly how it would work.  But, before I attempt to document
the new SOAP methods to replace the CSV templates, I'd like to make sure the
XML-Schema I produce will truly capture the SOAP Header and Body child
elements and provide adequate documentation to the developers.  And, the
structures will generally be complex rather than simply input/output types.

Without any industry direction, I'll need to add a lot of verbiage to
describe how the elements in my schema relate to one another (response
element for a request, etc.) and when certain headers are to be used.  I
know that MS uses SDL, but I'm fairly certain that isn't a universal
standard and is poorly documented.  Also, this application will be
implemented by many different companies using many different operating
systems and languages.  So, I don't have the benefit of complete control
over the environment.

Regards and thank you,
Todd Kochheiser
Bonneville Power Administration

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