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From "Michael Brennan" <>
Subject RE: Defining a SOAP Application Schema
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2000 01:02:47 GMT
> From: James Snell []
> I don't see service description ever becoming a part of the SOAP spec.
> Rather, the different parties involved would like to see a separate
> specification (one that covers more than just SOAP) defined
> and supported by
> the industry and submitted to the W3C.

I like that approach. Seems like it makes sense to me. However, I wonder, at
times, if the W3C is the right body to look toward to move SOAP toward an
official status. They seem to be gridlocked, lately, with controversy
surrounding the schema spec and debates over URI/namespace issues. They just
kicked XML packaging back out to the public effectively saying they have
their hands full and won't be able to address the issue. Can they
realistically be expected to address the issue of web services in a timely

It seems to me that if the parties currently involved in shaping the SOAP
spec can arrive at a consensus, then maybe when they are done it should be
submitted to some other body that might be able to move more quickly.

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