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From Jean-Noel Gadreau <>
Subject RE: first version of Web site up!
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2000 23:44:49 GMT
It does not work at all under netscape 4.73 / NT4.0

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From: James Snell []
Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2000 4:34 PM
To: ''
Subject: RE: first version of Web site up!

When I hit it with IE5 I was presented with nine different scripting errors
while the nav menu was being rendered.  :-)

- James

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From: Sanjiva Weerawarana []
Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2000 2:37 PM
To: Apache SOAP;
Cc: Seta Sevulyan
Subject: first version of Web site up!

Check out:

The index on is not updated yet; dunno why. I believe I
have committed all the right files .. if its not ok by sometime tonite
I'll check into it (I recall someone saying there's some kinda periodic
update going on).

Its a first cut; I apologize if I forgot any of the committers' names.
Please send me the corrections and I'll get them in.

This is only a first step. The content is pretty shitty yet, but its
better than nothing. Please contribute!

Thanks to Seta Sevulyan (a summer student working in my group) for 
putting the pieces together!


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