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Subject Re: Deploy Nightmare
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 00:29:54 GMT

Rich Johns wrote:
> BTW, setting up the servlet engine's classpath using tomcat.bat
> seems very clunky, but I'm in that phase of this project where
> I'm just trying to get things to work. Is there a best practices
> sort of approach to doing this. I mean what if there are mutliple
> applications, ie., (multiple sets of servlets/jsps) that all have
> classpath requirements. There must be a better way to do this
> than to have to give the servlet engine's startup a huge classpath
> spec. Any ideas?

With Tomcat 3.2 you can simply copy (or link if you are on Unix) your jars
into the %TOMCAT_HOME%\lib directory and they will be automatically added
to the classpath.

Also each context you define in your server.xml will have a custom class
loader which will automatically include the jars found in the context's lib
subdirectory and any classes found in the classes subdirectory.

- Sam Ruby

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