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From James Snell <>
Subject RE: Defining a SOAP Application Schema
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 15:52:45 GMT
The newest version of the SOAP toolkit (available through the MSDN downloads
page) can handle complex xml payloads like your sample below... with slight
differences though.   I don't have a sample worked up that I can send you
right now (it's on my other computer at home), but it works fairly well. Off
the top of my head, I cannot remember if the IBM tools support this or not,
Sanjiva or one of the others should be able to address that question.

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From: Cory Isaacson []
Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2000 8:52 AM
Subject: Fw: Defining a SOAP Application Schema

This is very interesting, and I have a related question. Let's say you need
to send or receive a fairly large document (with several recurring record
elements, each with nested data elements underneath them). Can the SOAP
tools handle this, or should I just parse the SOAP message myself and
process it? My goal would be to extract the nested document.

For example:

 <m:updateTable xmlns:m="http://myserver/xml-soap/UpdateTable"
   <RECORD ID=1>
   <RECORD ID=2>

Ideally, I could have an easy way to extract the body of the message as a
separate XML document:

   <RECORD ID=1>
   <RECORD ID=2>

Can this kind of thing work with the SOAP tools? I can easily see how I
could write my own SOAP compliant document as above, and process it with my
own code (without any SOAP tools) but obviously I would like to use the
tools if it makes sense.



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From: "Octav Chipara" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2000 10:11 AM
Subject: RE: Defining a SOAP Application Schema

> > Subject: RE: Defining a SOAP Application Schema
> >
> >
> > Todd,
> >
> > There are currently four separate proposals for "SOAP Interface
> > grammars that use XML Schema to describe the base XML architecture as
> > as additional grammar to describe interface and entrypoint semantics.
> > is some progress being made to merge these into one, possibly two,
> > proposals.  In the meantime, the two primary choices (currently
available in
> > production environment) are Microsoft's SDL (supported only by the SOAP
> > Toolkit) and IBM's NASSL (supported only by IBM's NASSL Toolkit for the
> > SOAP4J Codebase).  In short: there aren't any really STANDARDS for how
> > descibe SOAP interfaces via XML-Schema.  The options you can pick from
> >
> >   1. IBM NASSL
> >   2. MS SDL
> >   3. MS SCL (SDL's successor that is still being defined)
> >   4. SIDL (
> >   5. Raw XML-Schemas
> >
> > - James
> >
> Hi James,
> I totally agree with what you are saying at this point. However, I believe
> that if we were to use Raw XML Schemas this should a simple choice.
> Theoretically, the parsers available should know namespaces/schemas. If
> is true there should be no problem in sending a messages such as the
> following:
> <SOAP-ENV:Envelope
> xmlns:SOAP-ENV=""
> xmlns:xsi=""
> xmlns:xsd="">
> <SOAP-ENV:Body>
> <m:getRecipe xmlns:m=""
> SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle=""
> xsi:schemaLocation="
>   <Recipe>NachoDip</Recipe>
> </m:getRecipe>
> </SOAP-ENV:Body>
> </SOAP-ENV:Envelope>
> What I want to point out is that first of all a SOAP message should be a
> valid XML document, in other words, in this example the tag getRecipe
> should be checked against the schema that I have defined, and I should not
> do anything about it. Furthermore, I do not see why I should define a data
> type for <Recipe> as the current implementation oblige me to. It should
> simply grab the data types from my schema and analyze it. Am I right in my
> assumptions?
> - Octav

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