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From James Snell <>
Subject RE: Defining a SOAP Application Schema
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 15:10:18 GMT

You're exactly right.  At the most basic level, XML Schemas provide
everything that two nodes need to be able to create and parse SOAP messages.
This is why each of the proposed description languages use XML Schema as
their core data type definition standard.  However, there is need to layer
in additional information that cannot be expressed by XML Schema alone, such
as how distinct messages relate to each other, how various messages group
into what OO developers would call Interfaces, which transport protocols to
use, which endpoints to use for which messages, etc.  Having a rich service
description language built on top of XML Schema that also addresses these
and other important issues is essential.  

- James

>I totally agree with what you are saying at this point. However, I believe
>that if we were to use Raw XML Schemas this should a simple choice.
>Theoretically, the parsers available should know namespaces/schemas. If
>is true there should be no problem in sending a messages such as the

>	xmlns:SOAP-ENV=""
>	xmlns:xsi=""
>	xmlns:xsd="">
><m:getRecipe xmlns:m=""
>	SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle=""
>	xsi:schemaLocation="
> 		<Recipe>NachoDip</Recipe> 
>What I want to point out is that first of all a SOAP message should be a
>valid XML document, in other words, in this example the tag getRecipe
>should be checked against the schema that I have defined, and I should not
>do anything about it. Furthermore, I do not see why I should define a data
>type for <Recipe> as the current implementation oblige me to. It should
>simply grab the data types from my schema and analyze it. Am I right in my
>- Octav

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