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From George I Matkovits <>
Subject Re: Two enhancements: HTTP 1.1 keepalive and SSL
Date Sun, 30 Jul 2000 19:51:16 GMT
I started working 'off line' on the SSL version. I would like to work
with the servlet replacement of the reouter.jsp. I do not expect any
interface changes. There is just going to be a new https transport and
changes in some utility modules. I  hope it is going to be real
transparent (the URL will have https and NOT http).
Regards - George

p.s. SSL socket connection does not work for me but  my test
environment works OK over a URL connection (on Linux with Apache,
mod_ssl, openssl and Tomcat). Encryption strength will depend on the
type of the respective crypto jar file (its strength is export
controlled). I would also like to use certificates for authentication
(the APIs are there for CGI) but I am just currently researching the
respective Java APIs.

Tim Miranda wrote:

> Two things that would definitely help
> this implementation:
> 1. Optional SSL for socket operations
> 2. Conforming to HTTP/1.1 and allowing
> persistent connections to be requested
> by the client, so each SOAP call doesn't
> require a new connection.
> Any word on either of these getting
> implemented?
> ...................................................................
> : Tim Miranda / Software Engineer, Pegasystems / 617.374.9600 x6335

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