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From Rich Johns <>
Subject Re: SOAPException when calling rpcrouter.jsp
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 15:08:09 GMT
> I've installed the most recent version of IBM-SOAP.jar available from IBM
> (1.2), as well as Xerces 1.1.2, and using Apache with JServ 1.1.2, all
> running on a relatively recent Linux kernel.

> Some questions for anyone who has their finger on this:

I wouldn't exactly say I have my finger on it but I have a few ideas.

> 1. What can I do to get a closer look at what org.apache.soap.rpc.Call is
> generating?

I recommend trying the TcpTunnelGui class. It shows you whats traveling on the http
wire. See the the ReleaseNotes.html in the ibm-soap distribution.

> 2. Should I be concerned about the Xerces installation? Would a flaw there
> cascade into my Soap installation?

I think you need the xerces 1.03 due to some bug in the later versions that
adversley effect ibm-soap.

> 3. Would the latest CVS help?

 I am using the distribution obtained from ibm's web site.
So, I can't really comment on the apache distribution. I noticed that people that
were using ibm's but then switched, had a few problems due to some small
changes in the apache version.

> Thanks!
> -John Hartman

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