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From "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <>
Subject Re: two quetions
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2000 00:12:39 GMT
> I have questions about Apache SOAP implementation.
> Q1. All examples in SOAP 1.1 spec use HTTP Content-Length field both
>     in SOAP request and response. But Apache SOAP does not use it 
>     in its SOAP resoponse. Why ?  HTTP/1.0 limitation ?

The server side uses a JSP to send the response back. The servlet 
that the JSP compiles into by default I believe does not set the
content length .. 

Setting content length from a servlet requires that nothing be
committed to the output stream until the entire result is 
computed. I believe there's a way to do that in Tomcat, but I have
not investigated to find out. If this is an issue, then we should
find out and set up some type of an option to turn this on.

> Q2. Is it possible to use Connection(Proxy-Connection) Keep-Alive
>     mechanism with Apache SOAP ? How can I avoid TCP connection
>     overhead during multiple SOAP requests ? I guess unless both
>     Apache SOAP and Tomcat support HTTP/1.1, Connecton Keep-Alive
>     is only the way to avoid the overhead.

Yes, but we need to modify the code a little bit. Right now the
HTTP transport class does not set the header to request that the
connection be kept alive (maybe turning that on will force the content
length to be generated; I don't know). We could put a property to
that class to do that easily and then the multiple calls would have
to use the same HTTP connection to make the calls. Want to volunteer
to do it??


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