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From "John Hartman" <>
Subject Re: Deploy Nightmare
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 01:24:59 GMT
Regarding : No variable NS_URI_BML_ENC defined in class

I ran into the same issue. I decided to take a direct solution by simply
removing all references to NS_URI_BML_ENC  out of the original jsp. If you
actually check the documentation for org.apache.soap.Constants, in the
package distributed with xerces, it true. Truely not there! Also beware that
if you have jaxp.jar in your classpath, you may very well be seeing the
wrong version of org.apache.soap. (Had that problem as well!)

Has anyone else taken this aproach? And is there anyone familiar enough with
might be wrong with removing references to BML encoding? Unless you plan on
using the Bean Markup Language, I would assume you're safe until another
solution arises.

-John Hartman

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