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From "Kevin J. Mitchell" <>
Subject RE: Deserialization Problem
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 14:03:20 GMT
Yes, I think CLASSPATH is the likely culprit. For calculator, I think you
need Bean Scripting Framework's (BSF) bsf.jar.  I believe this is available
from IBM Alphaworks. For addressbook, the samples are not packaged into the
soap.jar, you must include them in the CLASSPATH separately...

The \r\n patch was committed to CVS on 7/11/2000 (Tuesday). If you updated
your tree after that, you have the patch...

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From: Jun-Liang Chen []
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2000 2:15 AM
To:; Gerd Aschemann
Subject: Re: Deserialization Problem

Dear All,

        Sorry this trivial beginner question.
        I have installed xml-soap on my W2K pc running tomcat 3.1 with
latest cvs xml-stuff download
        from After several tries and help from previous
email, I made the stockquote example
        successfully running on my localhost:8080. However, for calculator,
I got the error message
            BSF Error : unable to load language: Javascript
and for addressbook,  I got the error message,
            class name samples.addressbook.Address could not be resolved

Are these errors due to the setting of the CLASSPATH or else? any
suggestions or
help?  And where to get the \r\n patch?

Jun-Liang Chen

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From: "Gerd Aschemann" <>
To: <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2000 1:33 AM
Subject: Re: Deserialization Problem

> Gerd Aschemann wrote/schrieb:
> > Sorry, maybe I mixed up things a little ... When I tried it now
> > again, I got the following message:
> >
> > java2 samples.addressbook.GetAddress \
> > http://localhost:8080/xml-soap/rpcrouter.jsp "John B. Good"
> > Caught SOAPException (SOAP-ENV:Client): error parsing HTTP status
> > line: Connection reset by peer: Connection reset by peer
> >
> > (which I do not get when I use port 80, the real Apache. This is maybe
> > due to the prinln vs "\r\n" problem - I didn't do a "cvs update" and
> > rebuild upto now. Maybe going through the Apache avoids this problem.)
> With the \r\n-patch everything's ok now!
> --
> Gerd Aschemann ---
>     Veröffentlichen heißt Verändern (Carmen Thomas)

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