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From Leif Nilsson TACMa <>
Subject Help soap call hangs
Date Mon, 05 May 2003 10:08:55 GMT

Has anyone experianced that a SOAP call just hangs for ever and ever ?

We use soap 2.2 for client and server implementatione.
The client use https with client and server certificate to call IIS that
connects to soap 2.2 via Resin (servlet container).
The soap service calls an Oracle DB via jdbc.

We have an installed base of clients continuesly calling our server

The problem seems to be that calling this service sometimes just hangs.
We set the timeout to one hour via SOAPHTTPConnection.setTimeout.
We use log4j for tracing and the code looks something like:

    protected Element request(String methodName, String methodEncoding,
Vector params) {
        Response resp = null;
        try {
            URL  url  = new URL(m_cfg.getItalkHost());
            Call call = buildCall(methodName, methodEncoding, params); //
builds a call object and sets the timeout to one hour via

            // Invoke the call.
            if (cat.isInfoEnabled())"Call " +
m_cfg.getItalkService() + "." + methodName + "@" + m_cfg.getItalkHost());
            resp = call.invoke(url, "");
        catch (MalformedURLException e) {
            cat.error("Caught MalformedURLException : " + e.getMessage());
            return null;
        catch (SOAPException e) {
            cat.error("Caught SOAPException (" + e.getFaultCode() + "): " +
            return null;
        catch (Exception e) {
            cat.error("Caught some Exception when SOAPing with I-talk: " +
            return null;

        return handleResponse(resp);

    private Element handleResponse(Response resp) {
        if (cat.isDebugEnabled()) cat.debug("handle response!");

    ......  }

As you can see traces will be made just before and just after calling the
request method.
(The handle reponse returns an element but most important it works for both
attachments and no attachments)

When I say that the call hangs we get the trace before calling but no trace
for the response.

Any clues ????

Leif Nilsson
Software Engineer

Jägershillgatan 18
SE-213 75 Malmö, Sweden
Direct	+46 40 38 69 56
Fax	+46 40 21 82 87
Mobile	+46 70 299 89 56

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