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From fairuz <>
Subject Re: WELCOME to
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2002 01:53:45 GMT

thank you for the tips, 
actually i try to run one of the sample in /usr/soap/samples/messaging   but unfortunately
got the error 
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org/apache/soap/server/ServiceManagerClient
at java.lang.Class.forName(
at java.lang.Class.forName( 
please help me on my CLASSPATH setting ....... 
 Scott Nichol <> wrote:> hello,
> i need help and it has been 2 hours trying to solve this problem.
> i set my /etc/profile into CLASSPATH=/usr/soap/lib/soap.jar and then
export it (as usual) . however the problem is when i run ,
> jar -tvf soap.jar
> the message is no acrhieve found. i init 3 to reinitialize the path
but still got the same error.

jar does not use the CLASSPATH to locate the jar file: you must specify
the path to soap.jar, i.e.

jar -tvf /usr/soap/lib/soap.jar

> at the same time i install apache-tomcat. but didn't set anything for
> so, i need your help to solve this problem.
> which file should i put the CLASSPATH variable. is it at
/var/tomcat4/bin/ or at /etc/profile ?
> i really need it urgently.

The instructions for installing Apache SOAP on Tomcat 4 are at*checkout*/xml-soap/java/docs/install/

Scott Nichol

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