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From Leif Nilsson TACMa <>
Subject Reusing SSL-sessions...
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 13:03:20 GMT

Is there a way to reuse the SSL-session for several SOAP-Calls ?

As I've stated before it seems that soap over SSL sooner or later just
 fails. By activating the system property (JSSE)
 it is clear that two independant sessions are created for each

As the call fails it is the response that fails (at least those times I've
captured). Somewhere
in between ClientHello and ServerHello for the response the SOAP client just
assumes there is
an answer but there is none so the client SOAP exception for "no
http-status" is raised.

I don't think controlling the sessions would solve the problem (although it
might be less frequent)
 but I suspect it would be beneficial from a performance point of view.


Leif Nilsson
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