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From Ashutosh Arora <>
Subject RE: soap messaging XML ???
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2002 19:39:46 GMT
Apache SOAP message can be built using Apache SOAP API. You need not read
them from file. Developers did a great job with Apache SOAP APIs. It
provides great support and utilities for that.  Following code snippet will
walk u thru:
      // Create document 
      DocumentBuilder xdb = XMLParserUtils.getXMLDocBuilder();
      Document doc = xdb.newDocument();
      // Create SOAP envelope
      Envelope msgEnv = new Envelope();
      Body msgBody = new Body();
      Vector bodyEntries = new Vector();
     // In bodyEntries add DOM Element object to your body. Or you can add
java objects with pre-registered serializer/deserializer.
     // Following shows how to add DOM element
    Element myEl = doc.createElement("myelement);
    // Set body
     String strWriter;
     msgEnv.setAttribute(new QName(Constants.NS_URI_SOAP_ENV,  // SOAP
             Constants.ATTR_ENCODING_STYLE), Constants.NS_URI_SOAP_ENC);
     msgEnv.marshall(strWriter, new XMLJavaMappingRegistry(), new
     String xmlMsg = strWriter.toString();
Hope this code snippet helps.

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From: Shashi Anand []
Sent: Friday, March 08, 2002 2:14 AM
Subject: soap messaging XML ???

One strange thing I noticed is that all the tutorials explaining the SOAP
messaging assume whole SOAP message to be readilly available in XML file,
where as this is not the case. None of tutorials explain how to form this
SOAP message given the XML which is only part of message body.
Does somebody have any idea on how to form the SOAP message using API.

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