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From "Dahnke, Eric" <>
Subject JAXM synchro (failing a msg)
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2002 20:34:01 GMT

With the following code (I'm a using JAXM-Simple example), how might I fail
this nicely if the message doesn't go through within say 15 seconds. I mean,
I can figure out how to throw the exception after 15 seconds, but assuming I
do this is the message still queued (and would it be delivered if at the
20th second it was finally able to get through.) I know about using a Remote
Provider to asynchronously send messages, but was wonder what I could do to
solve this immediate problem. TIA

	String to="";
	URLEndpoint urlEndpoint = new URLEndpoint(to);

	// Send the message to the provider using the connection.
	SOAPMessage reply =, urlEndpoint);
	if (reply != null) {
		retval += "MSG SENT REPLY RECEIVED</H4></html>";
	} else {
		retval += "MSG SENT REPLY NOT RECEIVED</H4> </html>";
} catch(Throwable e) {
	retval += "MSG NOT SENT OR NOT RECEIVED</H4> </html>";

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