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From Samudra Gupta <>
Subject A suggestion for writing custom Serializers
Date Fri, 21 Dec 2001 16:21:40 GMT
Hello all,

While writing our own Custom Serializers, all of us must have noticed that in our overridden
marshall() method, we have to add a line, 

sink.write("</" + context + '>')

Where sink is the Writer object. In my understanding, this is required in order to close the
XML element tags that are being created in the process of marshaling the objects. (Follow
the example of the LineItemSerializer in the apache SOAP examples).

If we miss this line, then there will be erros while parsing the SOAP Envelope. 

But really and truly, this job should have been taken care of by the XMLJavaMappingRegistry
object as it creates the XML elements itself and outside that we do not bother about creating
XML elements in a well-formed manner.

I am waiting for the response from the community and wish to forward it as a suggestion to
the Apache SOAP API developer community.

Thanks and regards

Samudra Gupta

Samudra Gupta
93,Marks Court
Southend on sea
United Kingdom

(44) 1702 329 496 (R)
(44) 7799790846 (Mobile)

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