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From Grace Chua-ay <>
Subject Failed to open XML document. Failed to Retrieve Public ID
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2001 16:34:03 GMT
I have a client posting to Weblogic 6.1 server with
the help of Apache SOAP 2.2 SOAP messaging. The
posting works fine if the contents of the SOAP message
is small. But when the contents of SOAP reached more
than 11KB, the following error occurs:

Error: Failed to open XML document. Failed to retrieve
PUBLIC id or SYSTEM id from the document. Decrease the
number of char between the beginning of the document
and its root element.

The SOAP document looks like:

<mn:sMethodName xmlns:mn="sMethodURI"><batch

The Max Post Size in Weblogic is set to (-1). The
application encounters the error whenever there are 50
or more <emplyee>....</employee> items inside the SOAP
body. My problem is that the application must be able
to handle more than 1000 <employee>....</employee>
items at a single SOAP message.

My questions are:
1. How should I configure weblogic to solve the
2. How should I configure the deployment of Apache
SOAP to solve the problem?

Pls advise. Thanks.  

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