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From "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <>
Subject Re: PROPOSAL: New name for combined SOAP implementation project
Date Sat, 01 Dec 2001 00:01:16 GMT
Glen Daniels writes:
> Axis was agreed on (by the soap-dev community) as the successor to Apache
> SOAP.  Although I do recognize that there are certainly active
> on soap who don't really work on Axis, that's not because Axis hasn't
> welcomed, and even encouraged them to take part.  As such, when I hear it
> said that the soap community and the Axis community are different and need
> merging under a different name, that seems kind of like pulling back on
> decision that the soap community made in the fairly early days of Axis,
> which seems a little weird to me.

First of all, I didn't propose the merging of the projects under one
-dev name; that came as a result of the discussion on
that you also participated in. All I did was initiate the name change
discussion as was agreed to on

It baffles me how you can think that the thing that combines Apache
SOAP, Apache Axis and WASP should be called "Axis." However, as a
primarily Apache SOAP developer I don't have any problem with Axis
being the name of Apache's SOAP implementation as we have already
decided that that's the evolution path. If the WASP folks don't
have a problem with that then the name discussion for the SOAP impl
project is over as far as I'm concerned.

WASPers- if you guys stay quietly then that'll have to be taken
as consent!!

> "X" sound in it, and has good community recognition already.  It seems to
> like a good candidate to grow into the "umbrella" name under which there
> could be other subprojects like WSDL2Java, etc. - alternately it could
> remain the name of the "soap engine" part, but I still think it's a good
> name which we've already got and I'd be sad to see canned.

I'm a very definite -1 on using Axis for the umbrella project name.
Axis has mindshare as a SOAP implementation effort and I personally
don't want to confuse that with wider efforts that may get going
under the umbrella project.

> In other words, I'd still like to see "Axis" be
> the successor to 2.X, with the first major release of same obviously being
> the current codebase, and the next open to whatever changes arise from the
> community and code integration.

Did anyone suggest otherwise??


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