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From Jacek Kopecky <>
Subject Re: V3.0 CVS repository
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2000 09:11:56 GMT
 Hello. 8-)
 I definitely agree we should track and support W3C XP so I wouldn't
object to renaming the project. 
 I have to disagree with Sam's suggestion about giving access to V3
only to people who contributed to V2 though. I myself haven't
contributed to V2 (because we had IdooXoap with different goals and
architecture) but I still want to participate on V3 and have an
explicit permission on this from my employer. I think others might be
like that, too.

                            Jacek Kopecky

On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Sam Ruby/Raleigh/IBM wrote:

 > Sanjiva Weerawarana wrote:
 > > Do we create a new module (ala xml-soap) or a subdir under
 > > the current xml-soap? I think the latter would be better,
 > > but can understand people's preference for the prior.
 > My preference is for the former.  Furthermore, I would suggest that only
 > people who have actually contributed to V2 be given commit access to V3.
 > One of my disappointments with this project is the number of people who
 > endorsed this initially and then never participated.  Anybody who has been
 > active with either V2 or V3 should be permitted to both.
 > > This raises another issue with the 3.0 code- with the W3C XML
 > > Protocol activity up and running, we need to gear up to
 > > supporting that. [I'm of the pre-conceived idea that this group
 > > would track that work and provide compatible implementations ..
 > > is that what others believe too?]
 > +1
 > BTW - Should the project be renamed?
 > > I'd like to take the approach of expanding the set of committers.
 > Works for me.
 > - Sam Ruby

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